The Festas collection, created by Nelia, is an ode to life with its colorful patterns. The great thing about Festas is that you can mix and match the colors and the designs to make your own collection. It can be tricky to choose among so many patterns and colors! Believe us you start with a cup, then with a jug and you won't be able to stop.

Flores do Alentejo

Flores do Alentejo is an exclusive design made by our potter Antonio. This collection pays tribute to all the flowers that flourish in the countryside in the Spring. With its vintage look, Flores do Alentejo touches the heart of every ceramic lovers. All the delicate flowers are hand painted, so each piece is unique and has its own personality.


Mediterranea is a collection created by AZUL and Antonio, potter in Alentejo. The idea was to have a contrast between the raw and enamel parts. We love the smooth and gentle touch of the terracotta. Then, two patterns were selected: the stripes a nod to the Mediterranean sea and the ribbon in reference to the front of Portuguese houses.

To be "Fleur Bleue" means in French, "to be romantic". The vintage spirit of this simple and elegant blue flower design makes us feel this collection has always been there, hidden in a cupboard. Gabrielle de Saint Venant co-signs it with our potter Antonio, in exclusivity for A Loja da Cerâmica.